Our Mission

Managing Director

We are the only Christian charitable organization in the hair industry with own manufacturing unit in Kerala-India and head office in Atlanta-USA. Our motto is to provide the best quality hair (Holy Hair) in an affordable price and to save our people from serious health issues by the usage of dangerous hair extensions (Hair from Dead Bodies, Cancer Patients, Hospitals, Garbage Hair which are expelled from India, Synthetic Hair) which are marketing by Chinese companies. If anybody is offering hair products less than our price, then please make sure its quality because it is impossible to provide original temple holy hair less than our price.

About Our Hair Factory

Our factory is located in south India – Kerala.Quality Hair & Solution is committed in offering only 100% pure Temple Holy Raw Hair in the finest quality. We provide the hair and services around the world and have a global recognition for our premium quality hairs which are collected from Temples in Kerala which are donated by Keralaladies (this hair is the best quality hair in the world because they use coconut oil for hair care). And we are the only company in Kerala have the license from Govt.of India (LIC#32/B5-5376) to provide temple holy raw hair.

We do all the type of hair extensions, customized hair products including Closure, Frontal, Wig units, U-Tip, I-Tip, Blonde, all Hair coloring and all other products.We do private branding, drop shipping and website.

All are welcome to our company in Kerala-South India; we will arrange airport pickup and accommodation.Client can visit our hair factory and temples from where we are collecting the Holy hair and processing. No other company can provide this service as they are not collecting the hair from the temples.We have seen many videos of Chinese hair companies with the hair processing unit but they are not describing from where they are collecting the hair (they will never get hair from Indian temples and there is no hair donor in China). The only place in the world that has commercial quantities of hair is from one billion people in India, and they, as a ritual, donate it to the temple. Hindu pilgrims have donated their hair in a ritual of purification for centuries. It’s a symbol of religious devotion and surrender of the ego…

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