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We are the only Hair Factory with own manufacturing unit in Kerala-South India and head office in Atlanta-USA. Our motto is to provide the best quality hair (Holy Hair) in an affordable price and to save our people from serious health issues by the usage of dangerous hair extensions (Hair from Dead Bodies, Cancer Patients, Hospitals, Garbage Hair which are expelled from India, Synthetic Hair) which are marketing by Chinese companies. If anybody is offering hair products less than our price, then please make sure its quality because it is impossible to provide original temple holy hair less than our price.

About Our Hair Factory

Our factory is located in south India – Kerala.Dr.Raju's Hair & Factory is committed in offering only 100% pure Temple Holy Raw Hair in the finest quality. We provide the hair and services around the world and have a global recognition for our premium quality hairs which are collected from Temples in Kerala which are donated by Keralaladies (this hair is the best quality hair in the world because they use coconut oil for hair care). And we are the only company in Kerala have the license from Govt.of India (LIC#32/B5-5376) to provide temple holy raw hair.

We do all the type of hair extensions, customized hair products including Closure, Frontal, U-Tip, I-Tip, Blonde,all kinds of Wig unit, all Hair coloring and all other products.We do private branding, drop shipping and website.

All are welcome to our Hair Factory in Kerala-South India; we will arrange airport pickup and accommodation.Client can visit our hair factory and temples from where we are collecting the Holy hair and processing. No other company can provide this service as they are not collecting the hair from the temples.We have seen many videos of Chinese hair companies with the hair processing unit but they are not describing from where they are collecting the hair (they will never get hair from Indian temples and there is no hair donor in China). The only place in the world that has commercial quantities of hair is from one billion people in India, and they, as a ritual, donate it to the temple. Hindu pilgrims have donated their hair in a ritual of purification for centuries. It’s a symbol of religious devotion and surrender of the ego…

Different types of hair available in the market?


Holy Raw hair is 100% unprocessed hair collected from below 21 years old ladies before marriage which are donated to the temple with holy function. In this hair, the cuticles are 100% alligned with amino acid. This is the hair with high positive energy; protect your health.The hair is directly cut from a single donor and immediately wrapped into a bundle in order to keep all cuticles intact and in the same direction.This hair is tangle free.This is the highest quality hair in the world as it is 100% natural which will last life long(In Kerala all are using Coconut Milk Oil for their Hair growth).Dr. Raju’s Hair & Factory acquires its hair from Kerala temples (land of coconut trees).This natural hair can be dyed or bleached to change to any color and structure. It’s not available anywhere in the market only available from Kerala temples and we are the only licensed company(Lic#32/B5-5376) to provide it.The structure of our Kerala Holy hair is natural.

Durability of Holy Hair is normally Life long.


This is the hair donated by different aged ladies to the temples in south india(Kerala, Andra and Tamilnadu). This hair quality and durability is better . Its structure is natural and 100% tangle free hair. We are selling this type hair in two catagories, one is 1B colored where the color is not changable and the other one is colorable.

Durability of this hair is more than 10 years.

3rd QUALITY HAIR - NORTH-INDIAN HAIR (No Hair Donor in North-India)

This hair is very popular and is readily available as well which are not collecting from temples. This hair has both the roots and the tips mixed up so that all the hairs are not running in the same direction. Most of the hair company’s in North-India(Delhi, Bombay & Kolkatha,etc..) are selling hair extensions labelled as South Indian Temple hair which are collected from floors of beauty salon, hospitals(dead bodies, cancer patients) and they do massive chemical process to remove the cuticles to look like natural hair(No amino acids).This is known to have created a lot of health issues lately. When people die in North India, the hair has to be removed before the body is to be burnt .It’s a common practice out there in north India. And this is when the hair is collected and is compiled into bundles. This hair is further processed and made into different structures. It is the hair that is available in North of India but is marketed in the name of South Indian Temple Raw Hair. There is no hair donor in North-India.

Durability: 3-6 Months


Chinese companies are marketing their hair extensions around the globe, very well making a fool out of their customers. They are making many types of hair (as Brazilian, Cambodian, Peruvian hair, etc) using filth and remnants of waste hair from India. Processing this hair which is even mixed with animal hair and synthetic hair to make it cheaper and more available in the market, customers are very conveniently being cheated on.This is known to have created a lot of health issues lately. It has further more implications as it ruins the health of the natural hair underneath the newly fixated ones. Much people since unaware of the trap, are likely to give in to these cheaper yet harmful hair extensions.

The Chinese hair company intends to fool the customers and hair industry as a whole. Once you start wearing these extensions from China, your existing natural hair begins getting damaged from its very roots thereby leading to severe allergies and other skin issues.

Why is there no Mexican hair, American hair, Canadian Hair, European hair, or Middle East hair or that of Philippines? It’s because there precisely is no hair donor, no hair factory or availability of hair apart from that of South-India. Here there is availability of hair due to hair donation to temples as a part of faith spread across Sothern India. This is known to have created a lot of health issues lately. It has further more implications as it ruins the health of the natural hair underneath the newly fixated ones. Much people since unaware of the trap, are likely to give in to these cheaper yet harmful hair extensions.

Durability: 3 Months (3-4 washes)

Why Chinese Companies are selling the hair in Different Grade like”5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A”? What’s this grade mean for? What is the grade of an original hair?

Grade and color determines the quantity of silicon and other chemicals which make the hair looks more silky and beautiful.

There is no grade for original human hair.


Virgin hair is the fake hair made by the Chinese factories (Synthetic, Plastic, Animal Hair, Dead Bodies and Cancer Patients Hair) marketted as Brazilian, Peruvian, Vietnam and etc. There is no hair donor in those countries. And it is Non-Remy( there is no cuticles, no amino acid, protien and highly chemical processed which are harmful to human body).

Raw hair is collected from the temples. It is 100% Natural, cuticles are allighned(Remy Hair), Natural Texture, Tangle free and from a single donor. It contains amino acid and protein. The Raw Hair is unprocessed hair, hence it is not harmful to human body. Its durability is life long.

Why Hair Donor only in South-India ?

In South-India, the Hindu relegious have donated their Hair at Temples as the part of Religious Belief. All over the world, Hair donor is only in South-India not in any other countries even in North-India.

Are you looking for Real Human Temple Raw Hair?

You can join with our partnership program. All are welcome to visit our temple and factory. We will arrange the airport pick-up, factory visit and accommodation. As our Head office in USA no hassles for payments and provide 24hrs support.

All are welcome to God's Own Country - KERALA( The land of Coconut Trees)


Remy is 100% pure and natural. It is collected from a single donor which they donated to the temples in south-India. Its cuticles are aligned, texture is natural and un-processed. It contains amino acids and proteins. This hair durability is lifelong. This hair is not harmful for human health as it is 100% natural and un-processed. Only available in south-Indian temples. In South-India, the Hindu relegious have donated their Hair at Temples as the part of Religious Belief. All over the world, Hair donor is only in South-India not in any other countries even in North-India.

The hair is not collected from the temples . It is collected from the floors(mortuary,dead bodies, cancer patients, etc. In this hair the cuticles are not aligned and get tangled. Chinese and Vietnam companies are col- lecting this hair from India and they chemically process the hair to remove the cuticles in-order to make it tangle free and make artificial texture(Wavy, Curly, Kinky Curly, etc..). Due to the chemical process the amino acids and protein will go off with the cuticles. Then they apply silicone hair coating to make it silky and smooth. After all these huge chemical process Chinese and Vietnam companies are marketed it as top grade hair (12A, 15A ) Vietnam, Brazilian, Peruvian, Cambodian hair , etc.. After few washes the hair coating and texture will go off and the hair will get tangled. This hair is harmful to human health and existing hair.


99% of HD lace is made by china and it is fake HD which will tear up in a few washes. China is misguiding and making fool everyone not only in the case of hair extensions but for the HD Lace also. The real HD Transparent lace is available in switzerland, it is a slightly thicker and durable. It is suitable for our South Indian Kerala Temple Holy Hair.

Our hair extensions are made up of pure south-Indian kerala temple holy raw hair which is life long and hence we are using only Swiss Transparent HD lace.

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