The Truth about Human Hair Industry

What’s the likelihood that your Brazilian tresses actually came from the South American country? “It’s a very, very unlikely thing because we export to Brazil from India directly”, “Why would Brazil buy hair from India? The only place in the world that has commercial quantities of hair is from one billion people in India, and they, as a ritual, donate it to the temple.” Hindu pilgrims have donated their hair in a ritual of purification for centuries. It’s a symbol of religious devotion and surrender of the ego…

Brazilians do not sell their hair, nor do they cut it for profit or religion. “It would be impossible for enough hair to be cut in the Brazilian community in abundance to provide for the world. There are no large-scale Brazilian temples shaving hair. “There are some temples around the world that shave hair like the huge ones in India. Some of these countries are Indonesia, Bangladesh, etc. But volumes from these countries are small.

So how do you know if your luscious extensions are the real deal? In fact initially it is very difficult to tell the difference between Chinese and Indian hair because manufacturers “put silicone and other things to make it very smooth.”

“From the wash you can tell. Chinese and the Korean manufacturers have different tricks up their sleeve. They put a coating over the hair so the hair doesn’t tangle in the first wash. As soon as you heat it that coating goes away and then it starts tangling, he explained. “The Chinese makes sure that hair is sealed with chemicals so it’s fantastic when you pass your fingers through. But as soon as you wash or put any heat to it, it goes away.

Real Indian Holy Raw hair won’t tangle. “It can’t tangle because the cuticles are all in one direction. Hair that is raw, when you say raw hair, you cut it from the base of the scalp and bundle it up. That’s how it comes from the temple. That’s how we get it directly. In the warehouse we do a little bit of combing, we take out the short hair and stitching the rest of the hair. If you cut it and don’t turn directions — that’s why they put so many rubber bands so it won’t get twisted up. It has to be machined in the same way. If you changed directions it will tangle.

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