Different types of hair available in the market?

1st Quality Hair-Kerala Temple Holy Raw Hair

Holy Raw hair is 100% unprocessed hair collected from below 21 years old ladies before marriage which are donated to the temple with holy function.This is the hair with positive energy; protect your skin and health.The hair is directly cut from a single donor and immediately wrapped into a bundle in order to keep all cuticles intact and in the same direction.This hair is tangle free.This is the highest quality hair in the world as it is 100% natural which will last long.Quality Hair & Solutions acquires its hair from Kerala temples (land of coconut trees).This natural hair can be dyed or bleached to change to any color and structure. It’s not available anywhere in the market only available from Kerala temples and we are the only licensed company to provide it.The structure of our Holy hair is natural, so its structure and colour will never change by wash.

2nd Quality Hair(Chennai,Tamilnadu & Andra)

This is the hair donated by different aged ladies to the temples (Andra and Tamilnadu) and there are chances to get dyed hair with it. There is a chance not to get the exact color during bleaching. The hair is directly cut from a donor and immediately wrapped into a bundle in order to keep all cuticles intact and in the same direction. This hair quality and durability is lower than holy hair.

3rd Quality Hair – North Indian Hair

This hair is very popular and is readily available as well which are not collecting from temples. This hair has both the roots and the tips mixed up so that all the hairs are not running in the same direction. This hair under goes many chemical processes to get it to look like Remy hair. This means they strip the cuticle by soaking the hair in acid, chemically process it for texture, and color it with dyes. The hair becomes damaged and too weak to handle heat styling or color applications; they are left looking synthetic and unnatural, and need to be replaced quickly. This hair can often cause severe skin irritation and scalp allergies.

4th Quality Hair - Brazilian Hair - Malaysian Hair- Peruvian Hair - Cambodian Hair Marketed by Chinese Companies

Chinese companies use synthetic hair, Garbage hair, hair collected from hospitals (dead bodies, cancer patients) and animal hair to make hair products by several chemical processes to make it shiny and to look like Remy hair. But this hair’s color, structure and quality will not last and the hair will get hackled and tangled after 3 to 4 washes. No need to say more about its structure and color…... Nearly 90% of all human hair extensions available in the market is consist of processed hair from China which was imported from India as waste fallen hair, hair collected from hospitals(dead bodies, cancer patients).It may even be mixed with animal or synthetic fibers. Most suppliers use Non-Remy hair instead of single drawn hair from one donor.These hair’s will cause several health problems even leads to cancer due to the mass chemical exposure and this will badly affect your existing hair. These hairs are very cheap and available in market. These all are artificial hair structures by several chemical processing. Brazilians do not sell their hair, nor do they cut it for profit or religion. It would be impossible for enough hair to be cut in the Brazilian community in abundance to provide for the world. So how do you know if your luscious extensions are the real deal? In fact initially it is very difficult to tell the difference between Chinese and Indian hair because manufacturers put silicone and other things to make it very smooth. This hair can often cause severe skin irritation, scalp allergies might affect the existing hairs. When using hair extensions one is supposed to clean their natural hair periodically but when an individual uses Chinese hair or any hair with bad quality then it destroys the existing natural hair that they have underneath. It is always best to use pure Indian hair so it won’t damage the existing natural hair. So better never use Chinese hair that sell hair in the name of Indian hair and don’t be a victim of their fake marketing.

Why Chinese Companies are selling the hair in Different Grade like”5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A”? What’s this grade mean for? What is the grade of an original hair?

Grade and color determines the quantity of silicon and other chemicals which make the hair looks more silky and beautiful. These companies and cheating the customers by providing such fake grade system(huge use of chemicals on hair extensions may affect the customer who wore it). There is no grade system for original temple raw hair because its pure and natural.

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